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My Guide to a Perfect Day in Malibu

Throughout my time living in Los Angeles, Malibu has remained at the top of my list for favorite places to go to. I wanted to create a guide showcasing my favorite spots to visit and things to do in Malibu to create the perfect day.


Your first stop in Malibu should be at Paradise Cove Cafe. This delicious lunch spot is located right on the beach. It is worth the extra wait time to sit outside in the sand and enjoy the ocean views while you eat lunch. While you wait, you are free to walk around and walk out onto the pier, which has amazing views of the Malibu coastline.

You pay for parking, and you then have four hours to eat and then have beach access as well. Parking in the lot cost 10.00 with validation from the restaurant. For lunch, I ordered the tacos- two shrimp and 1 fish which were so yummy. Paradise Cove Cafe is definitely a spot I recommend starting the perfect day in Malibu.


Save some room for dessert! After lunch and beach time at paradise Cove Cafe I recommend driving a few minutes to Malibu Yogurt an Ice Cream. This spot has truly some of the best frozen yogurt I have had. Not a fan of froyo-they also have ice cream and shaved ice as well.

My go to is the creamy vanilla with some of their topping options, as well. They also have a yummy pineapple flavor that- mixed with the vanilla- is amazing.


The next stop is Malibu Village! This cute shopping center has some great spots to shop at. It is so fun to walk around the different boutiques and do some shopping. They have just about everything to see. One of my personal favorite spots is Malibu Village Books. They have a great selection of books, and I always enjoy browsing here.


If you love hiking the, Zuma Canyon trail is perfect for you. It is such a fun hike and unique with amazing views of the valley and the ocean. Once you start hiking, you have the option to take the loop trail or the trail meandering thru the creek with ocean views. Either option is great. Something to keep in mind is the hike is a majority uphill trek. You also may see some horses, as well as there are also horseback riding tours that travel through the trail. The beautiful views make this hike so worth it.


Finally end your day on the beach watching the sunset over the ocean. I always recommend driving further north down the highway until you reach the less crowded beaches. Zuma beach is always a great option for this. There is parking available on the street and you just walk right over to the beach. It is so relaxing to sit on the beach and watch as the sun sets on your perfect day in Malibu.

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