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My Favorite Day Trip from LA: La Jolla & Laguna Beach

I am a beach lover, no questions asked. Any opportunity I have to go to the beach I will take. Before I moved out to LA, I visited in 2017, and we took a day trip down to La Jolla in San Diego and stopped in Laguna. This drive has now become my favorite day trip from LA, and I love any opportunity I have to share about it!


Sunny Jim's Cave Tour

To go into the Sunny Jim Sea Cave, you have to take the Sunny Jim's Sea Cave Tour located in La Jolla Cove. You enter through the shop and pay for your ticket in the back. It is a self-guided tour down where you take a flight of almost 150 stairs into the sea cave. Before going, it is essential to note that the stairs down to the cave are in a small enclosed space. It cost 10.00 to go into, and I highly recommend it. The view is stunning, as seen in the picture to the left.


Hermosa Surf Shop

After finding out about the Hermosa Surf Shop through Instagram, I knew I had to stop by the next time I was in San Diego. It was well worth the stop, and I picked up this super cute t-shirt! (Side note the t-shirts and other clothing are made from recycled materials!) They also offer vegan smoothies and acai bowls. The vibe is amazing with open spaces and a clean, minimalistic aesthetic. I highly recommend stopping by!


La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove is a must-do when visiting San Diego! It is a beautiful spot, and on the weekend there are always little markets as well. You may spot some seals as well! Parking can be tough to find at times, but it is well worth the wait! Be sure to check out the little stores as well.


The Pirate Tower

The pirate tower in Laguna is one of the coolest spots I think to find. It can be a little tough navigating the stairs to access the beach area. They are located in a neighborhood on Sunset Terrace street, and you have to be able to spot them. Once you make your way down the stairs, turn to the left, and the tower is a short walk. Be sure to plan according to as well because during high tide it is super hard to access. Also, always be aware of difficulties with rocks, etc that can be present. To me, the pirate tower is a unique and cool find if you are in the Laguna Beach area!

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