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My Guide to A Weekend in Denver, Colorado

A few weekends ago, I attended a concert in Denver, Colorado. Since the concert was on a Saturday night, we decided to make a weekend out of the trip. We had such an incredible time that I just knew I had to do a post dedicated to highlighting my favorite sights we saw, the food spot that was so worth the visit, and a particular unique adventure we went on. I hope that these suggestions can help you when planning your next trip to Denver.


Sights to See

Red Rock Amphitheater

One of the first things we knew we had to do was visit the Red Rock Amphitheater. Being a big concertgoer, Red Rock is on my list of must-do venues! The venue was as stunning as I had imagined. We went on a Saturday morning when there were lots of people out working out and hiking around. I absolutely loved the views of the downtown city skyline as well. It is also a completely free activity to do (unless, of course, you are attending a concert there!)

Union Station

If you are looking for a little snack or some light shopping, this is such a cute stop to do. There are cute restaurants, bakeries, and even a cute book store. We even ran into a little outdoor airstream pop-up right outside the station! I loved the atmosphere, as well as the many other stores around you to pop into.

Molly Brown House Museum

A survivor of the Titanic Molly Brown was referred to as "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." After surviving the sinking of the Titanic Molly resided in Denver Colorado where she played a crucial role in the community. Her house is still standing today, and you can tour it. It is a neat sight as well to just drive by and see.

See A Concert

Our main reason for visiting Denver was to see a concert at the Mission Ballroom. The venue holds almost 4,000 people, and it was spacious as well. I love a good concert, and I am always looking for new, fun venues to go to. I would totally recommend a stop here while in town!


A Place to Eat

I highly recommend stopping here on your tour of Denver. The food is absolutely worth the wait. I also recommend walking around the cute little shops as well. The biscuits were the best part, as expected. They were so fluffy, and the portion sizes are very filling.


A Unique Adventure

Visting a Ghost Town

During my research into Denver, I learned about the ghost towns around. There are actually many around the Denver area. After more research, we decided to go to Nevadaville, which is a little over 27 miles from Red Rock Amphitheater. I thought it was so fascinating to drive through this abandoned ghost town. The town is situated on a little dirt road. The buildings all look as if they are frozen in time. The houses seem to be stuck at a standstill. I definitely think it is worth the trip to visit!


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