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A Must Do In Positano: 'La Tagliata' Cooking Class with Stunning Views

This is a blog post I have been so excited to write. My trip to Italy is a trip I will never forget, and I have enjoyed getting to share my experiences through this blog. This experience, in particular, I have been particularly excited to share. Join me as I take you on a walk through the most incredible cooking class you must do on your visit to Positano.

When I visited Positano, I was excited to stay at the stunning Villa Laura. I have previously said it before, but I cannot recommend this Airbnb enough. I had read the reviews before booking and was surprised and happy to hear how welcoming and helpful the hosts were. All of which I can definitely back up as well. They were so gracious and welcoming and super helpful and willing to answer any questions we had. Another thing I had seen mentioned in the reviews was that our hosts actually owned restaurant La Tagliata, a family-owned Italian restaurant in Positano. After asking about booking reservations for the restaurant, our host informed me about the cooking class they offered.

The cooking class cost 100 Euro per person. Payment is due the day of in euro cash. We booked by going through our host and talking with them, but you can also put in a request through their website if you are not staying at the Airbnb. Overall the class lasts about 3 hours. While in the class, you will cook many traditional Italian dishes for your lunch, including gnocchi, bruschetta, eggplant parmesan, and many more. Also, don't forget the yummy Tiramisu for dessert!


There are so many things that stand out to me about this cooking class and why I highly recommend it. I wanted to choose a few specific things to share with you to show you why I highly recommend this experience so much!

The Tour of the Family Farm

When you arrive at the restaurant for your class, you will first take a tour of the farm. The farm is on the same grounds as the restaurant and a short distance from where the class takes place. I enjoyed touring the farm, seeing the animals, and getting to pick from the fresh vegetables. That's right! Not only are you cooking, but you also get to pick the vegetables you will use for your cooking class from the garden.

The Hands-On Learning Experience

The class is fully hands-on, and you will play a part in making every single dish. My faves to make were the gnocchi and the tiramisu as well as the bruschetta with fresh veggies. Everything honestly was so yummy as well. I enjoyed trying a new dish of fried squash blossoms. This was something I had never tried before, but I ended up loving it so much! Also, as a bonus, if you take the class, they will email you all of the recipes for you to try to make at home! Of course, let's not forget the wine offered and some limoncello.

The Stunning Views

Lastly, I had to highlight the stunning views. I wish my kitchen had views like these. I would love cooking at home a lot more, I am sure. The class is held on an outdoor terrace overlooking the stunning coast and blue waters below. Words do not do the view justice, so I inserted some photos in the gallery as well so you could see for yourself too.

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5 comentarios

11 jun 2023

how did you book this?

Me gusta

29 may 2022

This sounds like such a fun cooking class! A must!

Me gusta

28 may 2022

I cannot wait to go back to Italy and join a cooking class. It seems like a lot of fun and I love food, so I will definitely check out this cooking class when I go to Positano! :) Thank you for sharing.

Me gusta

25 may 2022

A cooking class in Italy is on my bucket list! This one in particular would be amazing especially with those views!

Me gusta

25 may 2022

This cooking class looks like an amazing experience! Being in Positano with those views and enjoying delicious food sounds like the absolutely perfect day!

Me gusta

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