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A Floating Bookstore: Visiting Word on the Water in London

One of my favorite pastimes is reading. I absolutely love a good book. I often joke that I have never been able to leave a bookstore empty-handed because of my love for books and finding new reads. Whenever I travel somewhere I make it a mission to visit a few bookstores in the area. Word on the Water was one I had been recommended a few times, and after learning it was a bookstore on a boat, I knew I had to visit.

Place: Word on the Water in London

Hours: Mon-Sun 12-7

Visiting Word on the Water was one of my favorite highlights from my trip to London. As an avid reader, it was at the top of my list to stop by and pick up a few books. The bookstore is located on Regent's Canal among the other boats and is such a pretty walk as well on a sunny day.

I also adore how they have the inside of the boat set up. There are a few options for seating, as well as shelves lining the walls with so many incredible books to choose from. You can also shop outside on the shelves they have set up hanging off the side of the boat.

I absolutely enjoyed my visit here, and I am so glad I put it on my list to visit while in London. Overall, they have so many amazing options and tons of genres to choose from. The decor is so cute as well and super comfy to sit for a minute. The staff is friendly as well. I happily left with a few books I managed to pick up on my visit here.

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